2018年05月27日, 週日

Loving the Silent Tears Screening in Mungyeong City, South Korea

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean)

On the afternoon of April 2, Golden Year 13 (2016), our South Korean Association members held another screening event for the musical Loving the Silent Tears at Mungyeong Culture & Art Center in Mungyeong City. The weather was lovely, and colorful spring flowers were blooming everywhere.

In the modern and stylish venue, an array of Master’s beautiful works of art were displayed including paintings, Longevity Lamps, S.M. Celestial Clothes and S.M. Jewelry. Many visitors loved the featured items and took a lot of pictures. All of the 310 seats in the theater were completely filled.

After watching the musical inspired by Master’s poems, the guests were treated to tea and vegan refreshments. We gave a deluxe DVD set of Loving the Silent Tears as a gift to those who wanted to know more about the musical or who wanted to enjoy it at home. The recipients were very happy!

Many people shed tears during the screening. One gentleman said that he felt a surge of emotions watching the musical, and he would love for his son to see it too. An older woman who was drying her tears even after the musical ended said, “It touched me to hear that peace must be sought within; the musical was so moving.” When we thanked the person in charge of the theater, who was also with us throughout the screening, he replied, “It was impressive, profound, and a true musical. I was so touched.”

The screening event was a huge success. All the involved Association members thanked Heaven for the opportunity to help many Korean people form an affinity with an enlightened Master during this gorgeous season. We plan to host more screenings in South Korea including the city of Seoul.