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Korea Filled with Boundless Love and Peace: Loving the Silent Tears Special Screenings

By Korea News Group (Originally in Korean)


On December 25, Golden Year 11 (2014), Christmas Day, a screening of Loving the Silent Tears was held in Seoul’s Grand Hall of Sahakyeongeumhoegwan located in Yeoido, the center of South Korea’s government and economy. The event, which was free to the public, received an enormous, positive response as more than 700 audience members shared the musical’s message of love and peace.

Our Association members from Seoul initially planned to conduct a large-scale advertising campaign, both on- and offline. However, after only a few days, approximately 500 people had already signed up to attend the screening. Due to this amazing response, we happily arranged for an additional morning screening. Members of the public also warmly welcomed the beautiful flyers promoting the event, and they all took them home. They seemed to clearly feel the musical’s special blessing power.

During the screening, the attendees were deeply touched, applauded often, and wept openly. Most said they never expected the musical to be so grand and meaningful, featuring so many cultures, colorful costumes, outstanding songs with lyrics by Supreme Master Ching Hai, and world-class dance performances. Every detail was beyond the imagination of the audience members. The musical’s uplifting and touching blessing qualities were not diminished when delivered in the form of a video. In fact, those who had seen the live show in Los Angeles said they were still moved and shed tears during the Seoul screening.

Participants stayed behind after the presentation and enjoyed a specially prepared vegan Christmas buffet, thus sharing in the message of Be Vegan, Make Peace. The attendees also expressed their feelings about the musical with friends and family:

One gentleman, a teacher, said the play was spectacular and colorful, and he emphasized its positive message of purifying the world.

Another man said his personal worries had been resolved through watching the musical.

A woman said it was impressive to see the main actors gain enlightenment through their journey, adding that the camera work and editing were so well done as to deliver the musical vividly to viewers.

Another gentleman, a designer who came with his family, said it was the best ever Christmas gift for him, and expressed deep gratitude to those who prepared the event, adding that the lyric “Loving the silent tears for You more than the diamonds of the world” was especially impressive.

An elderly woman said that every scene was touching and that if a person’s life ends like the musical, the life must have been truly beautiful.

Many others said the overwhelming feeling they experienced while watching the musical did not diminish afterwards.

Moreover, the music based on Supreme Master Ching Hai’s exquisite poems produced such power and bliss that even working staff members who watched the screening for just a few minutes were moved to tears.

To celebrate the holiday season, we decorated the venue with Christmas items and Supreme Master Ching Hai’s magnificent artistic creations, including SM Celestial Clothes, SM Jewelry, Longevity Lamps, and publications, as well as Loving the Silent Tears musical DVDs and CDs. Some guests purchased the DVDs and CDs so they could keep their good memories alive and share the experience with others. Visitors also carefully examined the display items, asked questions about Supreme Master Ching Hai’s elegant art works and publications, and took The Key of Immediate Enlightenment Sample Booklet home.

The special screening uplifted many souls, and gave an unforgettable, heavenly gift to each visitor. Our deep gratitude to Supreme Master Ching Hai for making this Christmas miracle possible.



On January 17, Golden Year 12 (2015), a Loving the Silent Tears screening, organized by our Association members from the Daejeon and Sangju Centers, was held at the KT Human Development Center in Daejeon, located in central South Korea.

A large audience of 680 attended the screening, after which some said they had never before seen such a wonderful video, and were mesmerized by the high-quality music. They also loved the dance performances and storyline. After the screening, our Association members served delicious, nutritious vegan meals free of charge to the guests, who loved the food and appreciated the special love and care they received. The attendees also had a chance to read banners promoting veganism that were on display in the lobby.

Through God’s amazing arrangement, two people who saw the screening without knowing about it in advance were deeply moved by the video. They asked many questions about Supreme Master Ching Hai and our Association, and subsequently applied to learn the Quan Yin Method.



On January 25, Golden Year 12 (2015), the Dongrae Community Center was filled with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s blessing during a Loving the Silent Tears screening event. The venue was crowded with an overflowing audience of 636. The attendees applauded often during the screening, and many were moved to tears.

Our Association members also felt that a strong blessing power had encompassed the Community Center throughout the event, and one of our Association members was so touched that she wept continuously during the screening.

After the video presentation, the audience gave a huge round of applause, and was immersed in a peaceful, joyous atmosphere. Our Association members also received positive feedback from the guests, who said the musical left them speechless and provided deep insights into life and enlightenment.

In addition, our working team members felt Supreme Master Ching Hai’s abundant blessings, and appreciated the chance to grow spiritually through the event.



On January 31, Golden Year 12 (2015) our local Association members held a Loving the Silent Tears screening event at the Junggu Arts Center in Ulsan City. The 500-seat venue was completely filled with guests, including many VIPs.

Since the Center is spacious, we were able to display many of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s beautiful artistic creations such as Longevity Lamps, SM Celestial Jewelry, SM Celestial Clothes, and paintings. The guests closely examined the beautiful, glowing items and asked many questions. Thus, the venue became like a heaven through the combined blessing power of the display items and the musical.

The guests were all fascinated by the musical. The pastor of a local Christian church said the theme of seeking inner peace was good, and deeply touching to him and others who were stressed out by the materialistic world. Another Christian said that the musical speaks about the silent love of the Lord.

The Ulsan Junggu Council’s vice-chair, a former music professor, said the play effectively expresses Supreme Master Ching Hai’s poems through the singing of world-class performers. He also said that Al Kasha’s music is very well composed with inspired, adventurous melodies. Others said that the musical impacted and deeply touched them through its positive message, and thanked Supreme Master Ching Hai for making it available.

The screening was followed by a complimentary vegan buffet for the guests, who greatly appreciated the amazing show and food, as well as the display of Supreme Master Ching’s enlightening books and art. Ulsan citizens were overjoyed with all the arrangements, and said they would attend future events.

Our Association members also learned valuable lessons about overcoming their inner weaknesses, and grew spiritually while working together on the screening.



On February 7, Golden Year 12 (2015), Jeonju Cinema Town’s five viewing halls were all used for a Loving the Silent Tears screening that attracted more than 600 guests. To promote the event, our local Association members distributed flyers and made use of social media sites. The Jeonju residents warmly welcomed the musical event, with some even helping with the flyer distribution. It was also beautiful to see the large Loving the Silent Tears poster put up outside the movie theatre for passersby to read.

The audience loved Loving the Silent Tears, as the majority of Jeonju’s citizens are Christian and the musical’s themes are in accordance with their spiritual inclination. After the screening, a group of Catholic nuns conveyed this love, commenting:

“It was beautiful with music and dance. It felt like waking up a sleeping soul. It is very spiritual and is a Gospel. The power of Jesus found in Catholicism is contained in this musical. It well expressed the source of human beings, respecting the colors of various religions. It is very touching, and the messages of respecting one another and living in peace are communicated through music, so that it can reach anyone.”

Others also said they were deeply touched by the musical, gained inner peace, and were healed, adding that the event gave them the precious chance to look within.



On February 9, Golden Year 12 (2015), Hongcheon City welcomed a Loving the Silent Tears screening at the Hongcheon Cinema building. Although the event was held on a snowy weeknight, the venue’s 200 seats were completely filled with guests. The city’s First Lady Kim Hyun, one of the guests who enjoyed the screening, said that the musical was of high caliber and she wished to have more such events in the area. Many of the guests also purchased Loving the Silent Tears DVDs and music CDs.


Daegu and Andong

On December 23, Golden Year 11 (2014), Daegu Association members held a Loving the Silent Tears screening at Lotte Cinema’s Gyeongsan Branch with about 150 guests in attendance. The Daegu event was the first Korean screening, and the Association members were overjoyed at the enthusiastic response of local residents. All the guests loved the musical and wished to see it again. Complimentary vegan snacks were provided afterwards.

On January 14, Golden Year 12 (2015), Andong Association members held a Loving the Silent Tears screening event, with free vegan snacks provided, at the Megabox Andong Branch. The venue’s 110 seats were mostly filled and everyone was delighted with the success.


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