Love In Action

Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

2018年04月22日, 週日

    Bringing Relief Aid to Âu Lạc

    By Âu Lạc News Team (Originally in Aulacese)

    From September to October 2013, Typhoons Usagi, Nari and Wutip raged through East Asia causing widespread flooding in many countries. In Âu Lạc, the storms claimed over 50 lives and damaged or destroyed thousands of hectares of crop fields and countless homes. Very concerned upon hearing of the conditions, Supreme Master Ching Hai contributed US$10,000 and requested that our Association members in Âu Lạc assist those in need. The destruction was widespread, so our Association members separated into three teams to cover affected areas in northern, central and southern Âu Lạc.


    A Touch of Kindness for Northern Âu Lạc

    (From September 26 through September 28, 2013)

    In northern Âu Lạc, the prolonged flooding had a devastating impact on villages in the Lào Cai and Yên Bái Provinces. Many houses were damaged, roads were rendered impassable by heavy mud, and flood-related crop failures affected local food supplies.

    With US$2,857 of the funds lovingly provided by Supreme Master Ching Hai and US$3,104 from our Association members, our northern relief team purchased 100 mosquito nets, 100 blankets, six boxes of rice cakes, and 100 bags of candy, which were distributed to elderly individuals and others in need of assistance.

    On the evening of September 27, our team departed early for the Lào Cai Province to ensure that the supplies would be distributed before noon. Upon arriving, we distributed Master’s gifts of love to many villagers who had already gathered in anticipation. The recipients repeatedly expressed their thanks to Master for Her compassionate heart.

    On September 28, our team traveled to the Yên Bình and Văn Yên Districts in the Yên Bái Province where lives had been lost and property destroyed. Cash, mosquito nets, cakes and rice were distributed to the villagers whose lives had been worsened by the intense flooding. Upon receiving the gifts, the people were deeply touched. They repeatedly thanked Master, and wished Her good health as She continues Her charitable work.

    Our northern Âu Lạc team members are deeply grateful to Master for providing us with the chance to bring Her abundant love and kindness to our fellow citizens.

    Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association
    for Flood Relief Work in Northern Âu Lạc

    Description  Amount (VND)  Receipt
    Rice cakes, candy, clothes, blankets and mosquito nets 28,180,000 A-MB
    Cash gifts 97,000,000 B-MB
    Total VND 125,180,000

    Throughout the relief activities the team members paid for their own expenses.


    Loving Relief for Central Âu Lạc

    (From September 26 through October 6, 2013)

    Residents of Central Âu Lạc were affected the most from the typhoons, especially those in Quảng Bình, Đăk Lăk and Đăk Nông Provinces. After receiving the request from our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai to assist those in need, our Association members from Central Âu Lạc quickly formed relief teams to travel to these areas.

    Relief Work in Quảng Bình Province

    For part of the year, the residents in the mountain village of Thượng Hóa Quảng Bình Province receive government assistance and rely on the crops they grow to sustain them through the remaining months. On September 17, the flooding from Super Typhoon Usagi submerged 53 homes and a one-kilometer stretch of road leading into the village. One hundred ninety households were isolated from the outside world. A small boat was the only means of accessing the area.

    On September 26, we drove through heavy rainfall from Huế to Thượng Hóa with 190 relief packages. Each contained five kilograms of rice, 20 bags of vegan instant noodles, one-half liter of cooking oil and one-half kilogram of sugar. When we arrived, the villagers tearfully accepted the supplies, revealed that they had been running out of food and said that this aid would help them survive in the coming days.

    In early October, after learning that Typhoon Nari had made landfall in the Quảng Bình Province, our central Association members purchased more relief supplies for the affected people with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s caring contribution of US$3,333, and US$5,695 contributed from our Âu Lạc Association members.

    On October 4, our central Âu Lạc relief team went on to the village of Kim Thủy in the Lệ Thủy District near the border of Âu Lạc and Laos, where one person had perished, one house had collapsed and roofs were blown off 130 homes. Most of the residents there are ethnic Vân Kiều, who had many family members travel 70 kilometers through thick forests to reach the village. Our team arrived at 9:30 AM to a warm welcome from the district’s National Front Committee and people from the Kim Thủy. We then distributed 200 gift packages, each containing 10 kilograms of rice, one blanket and a mosquito net. While watching the recipients’ faces light up with joy, we were deeply thankful to Heaven for helping us conduct the relief work.

    Departing from Huế on October 6, we drove seven hours to reach the village of Quảng Tùng, where the situation was bleak. Eight days had passed since the storm, leaving torn roofs on homes and schools in need of repair. There was no power as electrical poles were lying on the ground. After being welcomed by the residents and leaders of Quảng Tùng, we distributed 200 packages, each with 10 kilograms of rice, one box of vegan instant noodles, one liter of cooking oil and one kilogram of sugar. Our relief team was moved by the joyful faces and kind words of appreciation from the villagers.

    Disaster Relief in the Provinces of Đăk Lăk, Đăk Nông, Central Highlands

    Super Typhoon Usagi caused havoc in the provinces of Đăk Lăk and Đăk Nông, so we divided into three teams to reach the hardest hit areas.

    Our first team went to the villages of Cư KBang and Ia Jlơi in Ea Súp District, Đăk Lăk Province near the Cambodian border. These villages are often hit by natural disasters, making life in the area challenging. Super Typhoon Usagi caused flooding that severely damaged properties and crops in Cư KBang Village, where 98 houses were submerged, six people perished, and two were declared missing. In the village of Ia Jlơi, 96 families lost their homes. Many houses had their roofs blown off and many others were under water for days.

    Our second team went to the district of Ea H’leo in Đăk Lăk Province, which was also heavily flooded. Many homes were damaged by water and four were completely washed away.

    Our third team visited households of those heavily affected by Usagi in Nam Dong Village, Đăk Nông Province.

    On September 29, we delivered 200 gift packages, each containing 10 kilograms of rice, 30 bags of vegan instant noodles, one kilogram of sugar, one liter of cooking oil, one-half liter of soy sauce and one kilogram of salt, to these worst-affected areas in the provinces of Đăk Lăk and Đăk Nông. We also provided a total of US$571 from the relief fund for the families with damaged homes or those with members who had gone missing or passed away. We also brought more than two tons of clothing, along with a large supply of cookies and candy to share with the children and senior citizens.

    When we arrived, we were touched to find that the local people and government officials had been waiting to greet us. With enthusiastic help from the officials, we distributed the gifts, filled with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s love to the people.

    We are deeply grateful to Master for conveying Her care and concern to people undergoing hardship. May humankind quickly realize God’s boundless love and switch to a vegan lifestyle so that all will be blessed with peace and Heavenly love.


    Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association
    for Typhoon Relief Work in Central Âu Lạc 

    Description  Amount (VND)  Receipt
    Rice, cooking oil, salt, sugar, soy sauce, vegan noodles, seasoning, candy, cookies and clothes 156,890,000 A-MT
    Cash gifts to support families with deceased members and collapsed houses 12,000,000 B-MT
    Transportation costs and other expenses 20,710,000 C-MT
    Total VND 189,600,000

    Throughout the relief work, the team members paid for their own expenses.


    Timely Aid for the Provinces of Sóc Trăng and Kiên Giang in the Mekong Delta in Southern Âu Lạc

    (From September 27 to September 30 of 2013)

    In September 2013, a tornado caused by Super Typhoon Usagi ravaged the provinces of Sóc Trăng and Kiên Giang in the Mekong Delta. Deeply concerned upon hearing of this tragedy, Supreme Master Ching Hai contributed US$3,810 to aid those affected.

    A relief team of our local Association members quickly prepared gifts of love to distribute to the people in their time of need.

    On September 27, our team went to the hamlets of Tân Phú, Tân Lợi, Tân Lập and Phú Hội in Tân Thành Village and delivered gift packages to the most severely affected households in the area. Each package contained 20 kilograms of rice and an envelope with US$38 enclosed.

    In addition, our team distributed packages with 20 kilograms of rice and an envelope with US$14 to other affected families.

    On the morning of September 30, our team traveled by motorbike from the city of Sóc Trăng to the district of Phú Lộc. Relief items were then loaded onto a boat and transported to the Ngã Năm District.

    In the Ngã Năm District, our team visited several communities including Mỹ Hòa, Long Bình and the hamlets of Mỹ Phước and Mỹ Tân in the Mỹ Bình District to distribute gift packages of love. The gift packages included 10 kilograms of rice, one box of vegan noodles, one liter of cooking oil, dried food and two envelopes containing US$24 each for the two households that had suffered the most as well as five envelopes with US$10 each for five other affected families.

    In the districts of Phú Lộc, Mỹ Tú, Ngã Tư and Sông Đinh, and the city of Sóc Trăng, our team also delivered an additional 76 gift packages, which included 10 kilograms of rice, one box of vegan noodles, one liter of cooking oil, dried food and 37 envelopes with US$24 each and 39 envelopes of US$10 each for each senior citizen living alone under challenging conditions. In the city of Sóc Trăng, our team prepared 10 extra bags with five kilograms of rice for distribution to senior citizens and poor children.

    The people were deeply touched and grateful to Supreme Master Ching Hai for Her concern.

    We sincerely thank Supreme Master Ching Hai for giving us the opportunity to share Her boundless love with the people of southern Âu Lạc. May all those affected be blessed with much love and comfort.

    Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai
    for Tornado Relief Work in Southern Âu Lạc

    Description  Amount (VND)  Receipt
    Rice, vegan noodles, cooking oil and dried food 33,350,000 A-MN
    Cash gifts to support families with roofs blown off and collapsed houses 45,100,000 B-MN
    Transportation expenses, boat transportation expenses and other costs 1,550,000 C-MN
    Total VND 80,000,000

    Throughout the relief activities, team members paid for their own expenses.