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Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

2018年04月20日, 週五

    Visiting Loving Caregiver of Stray Dogs in Chiayi, Formosa

    By Chiayi Center, Formosa (Originally in Chinese)

    In order to continue expressing our concerns and providing support for disadvantaged groups, including our animal friends, as Supreme Master Ching Hai instructs, on January 17, 2017, our Association members from Chiayi Center visited Ms. Wang Yu-zhen, who lovingly cares for stray dogs in Chiayi, Formosa.

    Fifteen years ago, Ms. Wang rented a place near the riverbank on Dongyi Road in eastern Chiayi to rescue the abandoned and stray dogs that were going to be euthanized by the Environmental Protection Bureau. She kept several hundred canines. However, due to lack of financial support, they often ran out of food. Therefore, we made a financial contribution to help Ms. Wang with her laudable work.

    On March 1, 2008, our Association members from Chiayi Center visited Ms. Wang and brought 500 kilograms of vegan dog food to her place and gifted her with Master’s books The Dogs in My Life and The Noble Wilds. On June 11 of the same year, we presented the Shining World Compassion Award on behalf of Supreme Master Ching Hai to Ms. Wang Yu-zhen in recognition of her noble respect for life and her love for animals. (Please refer to News #199 for details.)

    Over the years, our Chiayi Center has continued to help Ms. Wang. Since she did not have enough dog food for the cold winter, during the most recent visit, our Chiayi Center provided her with 20 bags of vegan dog food, medicines, comforters, as well as a cash contribution of TWD 14,000 for her difficult times. We expressed our appreciation to Ms. Wang for her unconditional love and sacrifice for stray animals. Ms. Wang was also grateful for our support, which helped the dogs to have a wonderful new year.

    Since February 6, 2017, Formosa has implemented a no-kill policy in all animal shelters,* becoming the second no-kill country in Asia, following India. We sincerely thank the Formosan government for the loving policy towards our animal friends. May God bless all beings on Earth to have equal rights to live happily and peacefully.

    *For more info please refer to the related report:


    Expenditures by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association to Help Animal Shelter in Chiayi, Formosa

    Description Amount (TWD) Receipt
    Cash contribution 14,000 A
    Vegan dog food 11,295 B
    Total TWD 25,295