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The Real Love Book Launches and Musical Screenings in Formosa

Formosa News Team (Originally in Chinese)

From May Golden Year 11 (2014) to July Golden Year 12 (2015), our Association members from Hualien, Kaohsiung, Pingtung, Tainan, Chiayi, Miaoli, Penghu, Yilan, Taipei City, and New Taipei City conducted launch ceremonies for the book The Real Love and screenings of The Real Love musical.

These exciting events took place in exposition halls, cultural centers, libraries, schools and hospitals, such as the Hualien Railway Culture Park, the Multi-Purpose Auditorium at the New Taipei City Hall, and the Chiayi City Cultural Center Lecture Hall, as well as at local Loving Hut restaurants. In all cases, the audience members expressed great enthusiasm and high praise for the musical.

For example, on May 31, Golden Year 11 (2014), full capacity audiences at both the Taichung World Trade Center and the Taiwan Women’s Center of Taoyuan County were deeply immersed in the musical, applauding and shouting bravos as it unfolded. On June 21, Golden Year 11 (2014), seats at the Chiayi City Cultural Center were also full, and the Chief of the Chiayi Cultural Affairs Bureau, Mr. Hou Chia-Cheng, gave a speech, announcing that there would be another screening due to the overwhelming response. Our Chiayi Association members offered the Chiayi City Culture Center Library a copy of The Real Love book, which was accepted by the Chiayi Cultural Affairs Bureau Chief Mr. Hou. In return, the bureau presented our Association with an official award.

On July 22, Golden Year 12 (2015), The Real Love musical was screened at National Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall in Taipei. Eager crowds lined up for tickets to the show and filled the Hall’s 2,500-plus seats. Also in attendance were enthusiastic local news media representatives and celebrities.

Among the VIP guests were former Central Election Commission chairman, Mr. Huang Shih-Cheng; former National Assembly member, the Honorable Mr. Hsiao Ching-Hai; Taiwan’s former Representative to Kuwait, Mr. Lu Yong-Mei; former Chief Secretary of the Council for Cultural Affairs, Mr. Chen Yi-Chao and his wife; National Taipei University of Technology Management College dean, Dr. Weng Sung-Shun; the former principal of the Taipei School for the Visually Impaired, Mr. Yeh Cheng-Hsiao and his wife; Dr. Chen Guang-Hsing of the Tri-Service General Hospital Dental Department; Taipei Neihu General Hospital (now Neihu Cathay Clinic) founder and superintendent, Dr. Liu Hsiang-Lang and his wife; and animation artist and painter, Mr. Wu Kai-Chien.

During the show, the audience was extremely quiet, fully focused on the main character Thanh’s inner world, while laughing and weeping with her. When Supreme Master Ching Hai expressed Her gratitude to all the participating artists via videoconference, the audience members listened closely. As they left the auditorium, some commented that the venue was immersed in golden light. Many also said that the story stayed with them afterwards, and they could still hear the music echoing in their minds.

In an after-show interview with the Formosan cable network ETTV, now EBC, Taipei Neihu General Hospital (now Neihu Cathay Clinic) founder and superintendent, Dr. Liu Hsiang-Lang said:

“All love is real: the love of doctors for patients, the love between family members, the love of a husband for his wife, and the love of human beings for God and the world.”

The Tri-Service General Hospital Department of Dentistry head Dr. Chen Guang-Hsing said:

“When Master went to the mountains alone, I was moved to tears like I was being baptized. I felt as if I was filled by the Holy Spirit. I believe what Master said that love can connect everything. After watching the show, I was deeply touched and I want to become a vegan, to love and protect our planet.”

The animation artist and painter Mr. Wu Kai-Chien said,

“My wife and I cried and laughed while watching the show. Master’s poems and the lyrics were so powerful that we felt we were in the play. The realization of the meaning of the real love through watching this show will stay with us all our lives. If everyone practices the real love, society will become more harmonious.”

Before and after these events, reports were made by many print-media outlets, such as Apple Daily, Economic Daily News, China Times, Merit Times, Penghu Daily, The Commons Daily, Taiwan Times, China Daily News, Upaper, Pacific Daily News, and Metro Times. Radio stations reporting included National Education Radio, and Ufo Radio; and the television and internet outlets included ETTV, now EBC, CTV, SET, GTV, CTITV, SOFU News, Yahoo News, Pacific Daily News, PeoPo, and These reports were all made available on the Internet.

The coverage by PeoPo reads:

The Real Love musical screened at the National Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall ended successfully. This musical set the best example of protecting the environment and living simply. With excellent stereo sound technology, the play, which premiered at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in Los Angeles, was able to touch hearts in Taiwan thousands of miles away at one percent of the cost of the original play. It sets a great example of reducing one’s carbon footprint at a time when the world is still experiencing global warming.”

The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association expresses its sincere thanks to all the media outlets that reported on The Real Love, thereby spreading its message to people around the world, guiding them toward peace and happiness by sending positive energy to society.

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