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Retired US Army Commander Bob Dean Confirms Interaction with Extraterrestrials

“We’ve been to the moon. We’ve been to Mars. And apparently some of our people have been to other star systems, because 40 years ago we developed not only zero point energy, but we developed anti-gravity, and we developed the ability to fly faster than the speed of light.”
Robert Orel Dean (Retired US Army Command Sergeant Major, Expert Ufologist, USA)

One of the simple pleasures in life is gazing in the sky on the clear night to see the beautiful stars—some brighter, some dimmer, some closer, and some farther away. After admiring the firmament and this endless array of potential suns, can anyone truly believe that our Earth could be the only planet populated with intelligent life?

As most of us have never met anyone from other worlds or seen UFOs, it might be hard to believe that human-like beings live on other planets as well. However, some people are lucky to have actually interacted with beings from other planets. One such person is expert UFOlogist Robert Orel Dean of Arizona, USA, also known as Bob Dean. Mr. Dean, who was trained as an intelligence analyst and became a command sergeant major when he served in the US Army, has completed extensive studies in the fields of archaeology, theology, psychology and philosophy, and holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in emergency management. He has also headed a regional chapter of the Mutual UFO Network as well as having been a member of the Center for UFO Studies and a Board member of the Ancient Astronauts Society. Mr. Dean has been honored with three lifetime achievement awards for his contributions to the field of UFOlogy.

In an interview with Supreme Master Television, Bob Dean shared his knowledge and experience about beings from other planets and what he has learned from interacting with them. His experiences confirm that indeed we are not alone in the vast universe, but intelligent life exists on other planets as well. Below are excerpts parts from the interview.

Interviewer: When was your first opening to the whole realm of UFO’s?

Mr. Dean: I was a professional soldier for most of my life. But, I didn’t get exposed to this reality of the so-called extraterrestrial presence until 1963. I applied for and received an assignment in 1963 to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe; a place called SHAPE. And it was one of those choice plum assignments. And I arrived at Paris (France) in the summer of 1963 and immediately my top secret clearance was upgraded to a level called “Cosmic Top Secret,” the highest level of security classification in NATO. And immediately with my top secret upgrade to Cosmic I was assigned to a place called SHOC, the Supreme Headquarters Operation Center, which is the war room. And when I worked in the war room, I learned of a study that was under way. It involved UFO’s.

The reason was that a large number of metallic circular disc shaped objects flew from the Soviet Warsaw Pact sector from the East toward the West. And these objects were circular, metallic, disc shaped objects in formation, very obviously under intelligent control. And they flew across Europe, they flew across Germany, France, the southern coast of England and they turned north over the English Channel and they disappeared off NATO radar over the Norwegian Sea, on the morning of the 2nd of February in 1961. And it was all over within about 20 minutes. The Soviets thought those objects belonged to us. We thought they belonged to the Soviets. We were to find later that they didn’t belong to anybody. And the study was initiated immediately after that event.

Mr. Dean also shared how reading a top secret document called “The Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to NATO Forces in Europe” launched his journey as a UFOlogist. This report, completed in 1964, assessed the potential danger posed by extraterrestrials.

Mr. Dean: That was a spark that kindled my fire in 1964. I couldn’t leave it; I couldn’t walk away from it. The conclusion of the study was quite simple. Apparently there is no threat. Apparently the human race on the planet has been under observation and survey by several advanced extraterrestrial intelligences from the beginning of human history. That was one of the conclusions. They concluded that apparently there was no threat involved because the repeated manifestation of incredibly advanced technology indicated that if they had been malevolent or hostile, it would have been over a long time ago. And that began my journey and I haven’t turned back since.

Based on that study, that assessment, I was interested in them. Who are they? Where are they from? Why are they here? What’s this all about? Why are they interested in us? I began to find out over the years that it wasn’t about them at all, it’s about us. It really is all about us. Who are we? What are we? How did we come to be here? Why are we here? And is there a purpose? Is there a meaning in our lives? And where are we going? What’s the future?  Where do we go from here? And that’s where I have been for the last 20 years. And I have been speaking out, openly, bluntly, candidly, loudly, about this subject. Over the years I have developed the ability, and I have been fortunate enough to have face-to-face meetings with some of them. I have been aboard their ships. I was even taken to one of their home planets. Apparently I have had an intimate interrelationship with non-human intelligence since I was two years old. My whole life has been involved with them to some degree. It took me many, many years before I began to become aware of my personal involvement. And it took me a long time for me to discard my old world paradigm. And I’ve learned there is a purpose. There is a meaning.

Interviewer: It is very important to share. You have had face-to-face contact with them. What are they like? What was it like to be on their ship? How did you get there? What’s their planet like? Why are we here?

Mr. Dean: The SHAPE military study concluded that we were dealing with four different groups that have been coming and going. They were all humanoid, not all human. But out of those four different groups, one group was totally human, like us. They could sit next to you in a theater or restaurant, or an airplane, or a bus — it doesn’t matter. They could be in your midst and you’d never know. Good God, they could be everywhere. Well, we were to find over the years that they are pretty much everywhere. They are in our midst. When I retired in 1976, we learned that there were at least a dozen more from different places.

And we learned back then, as early as 1976, that yes, some of them were interplanetary. Yes, some of them were interstellar. Yes, some of them are intergalactic. And by God, the thing that really upset the few that knew the story in those days, was [that] some of them apparently were multi-dimensional. They were popping in and out of portals from other dimensions. Now we are having a relationship with interplanetary visitors, interstellar, intergalactic. But the more advanced ones, the more spiritually advanced, apparently are intergalactic. That was a difficult lesson to learn, not only for our military and our intelligence authorities, but for our scientists. You see, we are looking at science that is a thousand… ten thousand years beyond our own! I think Arthur Clarke said it one time that advanced scientific intelligence would appear to us to be magic. Well, it does appear to many others to be magic. But it’s not magic to them. It’s technology to them.

They are not visitors. They are not here as tourists, dropping in for a weekend or something like that. The planet is under quarantine. And the only ones who come and go regularly are the professionals, the anthropologists, the historians, the scientists, from their groups. They come regularly. They are here most of the time. It’s one of the reasons why there is not about to be a disclosure anytime soon, because the story is simply too big.

Among the things we have seen, and the things I have learned first-hand is that, this beautiful, wonderful planet that our ancestors called Gaia; they looked upon her as a goddess and that the planet was alive. I have learned that that’s true. This beautiful little blue-green planet is alive. But this planet apparently is one of the richest and ripest zoological gardens in this quadrant of the galaxy. The life forms, the flora and fauna on this planet are practically infinite. That’s why Earth is such a valuable commodity. There are probably thousands of intelligent species out there, looking upon this little tiny planet, this zoological garden, as an incredibly valuable commodity. And I point out to people, “You know, you’re part of the fauna. It might be difficult for your ego to deal with, you are simply an occupant in this zoological garden.” But now we’re dealing with the custodians. They’re not visitors. They’re not owners. The word that I’ve got from them, they’re custodians. They’re protecting and looking after the life on this planet. And the human race is part of that fauna.

Mr. Dean: The human race, the whole species is undergoing a transcendent transformation, literally from one level of species, one race, into another. The human race is undergoing a form of what I call “a late adolescence.” And I point out to people that, “If you remember your own adolescence, and you remember how painful it was and how difficult it was, the whole species is undergoing a transition from adolescence into adulthood.” And we’ve got some good friends in high places out there, fortunately, some very good friends, who want to see us make it.

They don’t own us. We are not property, as Charles Fort said one time. But we are not quite finished yet as a race. We are a work in progress. We are an unfinished product. And we’ve got some good friends in high places that are trying to assist us, to help us get through this transition. And it’s an awkward period. But, I believe in the human race. It has a future. We are having some rough and difficult times, but we’re going to make it. And the reason I decided to come with you this afternoon and give you this interview, was hopefully to be able to say to your audience, to the viewers, that people really should not be afraid.

They have nothing to fear. We’re going to make it through and we are going to reach a form of adulthood. And we are in time going out there and taking our rightful place in this infinite universe filled with intelligent life. And I say to people, “Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are going to the stars. And they’re going out there, and they’re going to take their rightful place.” Humans have a right to sit at those great conferences, those great tables filled with all the infinite intelligent life forms out there.

Interviewer: Are you talking about the Galactic Federation?

Mr. Dean: There is indeed, surprisingly, something very much like a galactic federation. And I will tell you that the headquarters for that organization is not even in this galaxy. It’s in another galaxy. Apparently the universe is literally teeming with intelligent life. And yes, some of the more advanced races have come together and they have formed an organization. And they do get together frequently and communicate with each other. And project Earth and project human race is at the top of their list at the moment, because we are a difficult, troublesome species.

And they are really working to help us get through this transition. Now most of them went through transitions of this kind in their own histories- ancient, ancient histories going back eons of time, millennia, eons, literally. Some of those advanced species are a million years ahead of us scientifically, spiritually, culturally, psychologically, sociologically. I, I’ve seen that and I’ve been a part of that and I’ve been shown that, which literally has caused my old paradigm to collapse. Because, you see, I have seen what can be. I have seen what the human species can ultimately become. And I know that with assistance and help and guidance from a lot of them, we’re going to make it. But having seen that and then coming back and living in this world, I find it very painful.

Interviewer: Now, Supreme Master Ching Hai, our spiritual teacher, has spoken about what you were just describing, that they’ve gone through their own transition time on different planets, and in different places. And, and she’s spoken about the beings on Mars, that they had some global warming challenges, to the point where it was catastrophic. And people were not able to live on the surface any longer, and they are now living, those that were able to survive, which was a very small portion, living underground. And I’m just, one of the things that she had said is that they are wanting us to know what happened with them and not to make the same mistake. And one of the things that they said, their message was that we need to be virtuous, and not to kill other humans and animals. And, and I’m just wondering what your thoughts on that are and what you may know about the folks on Mars.

Mr. Dean: Well, she’s right in fact that there is life on Mars. There is a remnant of a vast civilization on Mars. Mars underwent some very terrible times, tectonically, and I think meteorologically. Mars suffered a great deal. There were some problems, earthquakes. Mars lost most of its surface seas. It lost most of its atmosphere. And the survivors of those cataclysms literally had to go underground.

And there are large cities under the surface on Mars. I gave you a photograph taken by the Soviet Phobos 2 spacecraft some years ago showing a city the size of Chicago (USA).

Mr. Dean: Now, this is a gigantic object, coming up from the surface of Mars.

Interviewer: Like what size are we talking about?

Mr. Dean: Oh, we’re talking about a mile, at least.

While it was in orbit, Phobos 2 took a number of other pictures.

Interviewer: Oh yes, this one.

Mr. Dean: That was Phobos 2, yes. This is an underground city on Mars, the size of Chicago (USA), and it’s generated an enormous amount of heat. But, it’s taken in the infrared. But you can look and you can see the city streets, and the blocks and all that, and there are a lot of people living there, I am sure. A couple of the other pictures that I show regularly at my presentations were taken by Apollo 13 on the way to the Moon. That object’s five miles long. That’s a big mother ship. I got to know a retired NASA scientist, Norman Bergrun. And he published the book called “The Ringmakers of Saturn,” and in that book, there were a whole bunch of pictures. This one, taken by Voyager I, 1980; this object here is 2,000 miles long, 450 miles in diameter, and it’s artificial, under intelligent control, and it moves around out there.

Interviewer: Now, this is actually the ring of Saturn here?

Mr. Dean: This is one of the rings, a portion of it.

Interviewer: What it’s going to take for us to be able to be at the space where our space brothers and sisters will feel comfortable letting us know they’re here in large massive, you know, awareness?

Mr. Dean: They have a program underway. Let me tell you something, but bluntly. They could have brought about full disclosure anytime they wanted. Now if they were to park some of their giant motherships, the one five and 10 miles long over large American cities and simply hover over Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and just sit up there for awhile, they would make the disclosure take place. So they are probably as concerned as some of our military and governmental authorities are too. They don’t want to shock people. There is a psychic shock that people can experience when they are confronted with the reality that they’re not prepared to deal with, like my experience with them.

Mr. Dean: Some of the crafts in your sky are theirs, some of the craft are ours. Some of the best ones are theirs. We are not quite yet where they are. And one of the reasons you see them is that they’re showing themselves to you. They hovered over O’Hare Airport, Chicago (USA) last year. They do this gently and subtlety, it’s non-threatening, but it’s sort of like you say, “Hey, wake up down there, you know. Look up here, pay attention, what do you make of this?” There’s more and more of this and you’re going to see as the year goes on. You’re going to see more of the giant triangles hovering over cities, bases, airports, and there are going to be pictures taken and people are going to look up, and the people are going to say, “What…what do you suppose (it is)? Could it be (a UFO)?” So they do that and they’ve been doing that for a long time.

They’re trying to gently bring us to a point where we can accept the reality of their presence without psychic shock. Because they want to avoid that, as I said, they know us better than we know ourselves.

Interviewer: Now I’ve heard that there’s about the genetic coding that DNA coding that there’s something special about humans and that we are to develop a gene of compassion. Have you heard anything about that and that it’s up to us to develop that?

Mr. Dean: There are many among us who have developed compassion and love. That is the bottom line, love. Because we have a Creator and that is one of the factors of that creation; that source of life. That source of light shows, gives nothing but love. And when you’ve been out there as I have, and I’ve been out there physically, spiritually, you learn that the most powerful, the most overwhelmingly powerful factor in infinite intelligence in life is love. And many human beings are making that step.

Interviewer:  To go back to my previous question about what is it like to be on the spaceship? What it’s like to be on the planet? What it’s like to have gone on a ride with these folks whether it’s to the future or another star system?

Mr. Dean: Out there, there’s no such thing as we understand it, of getting in a ship, pushing the button, cranking up the old motor, and chuca-chuca-chu chugging off out there and traveling from here to there. No, that’s not the way it is. That’s why we’re having such a problem coming to terms with it. They’re not limited by that. They don’t literally go chugging off from here to there. Their technology is such that they can be there from here, like that, literally. They tried to explain to me the fact that there is no death; that out there, there is no time. There is no such thing as past, present and future. There is only one eternal now. And we apparently, some of our scientists and some of our technicians, have learned some of that because we have developed already 40 years ago, hyperluminal flight. Ben Rich at Lockheed Martin (Corporation) said some years ago, before he died in 1995, he said that we can take E.T. (extraterrestrial) home. That was about the time E.T. the movie was out.

Mr. Dean: And in closing, I want to say to your viewers that, you get a tendency to get a little discouraged and depressed, and you get a little fearful sometimes, but I want to tell you from what I’ve seen from the past, the present and the future, that you’re in good hands, remember this. There is a God. There is no death, you are infinite immortal beings, and you are sparks of pure divinity yourself.

And this race, this species, does have a future, we’re going to make it, we’re going to get through this transition, this transformation, this adolescence, this painful period we’re going through. And there is going to be a new dawn and a new day and a new beginning. And there is a future for the human race. And I want your viewers to take heart, be brave, and love someone.

Interviewer: Thank you.

With heartfelt sincerity, thank you Mr. Dean for sharing your profound knowledge and precious wisdom with us. Your time, efforts and generosity in bringing forth the critical message about the existence of highly developed extraterrestrials to our world is much appreciated. May you enjoy the best of health always and every success in your future work.