2018年06月24日, 週日

The Real Love Musical Screening at San Jose City Hall, California, USA

By San Jose, California, USA News Team

On October 10, Golden Year 11 (2014) our San Jose Center Association members hosted a public screening of The Real Love musical at the San Jose City Hall in lovely San Jose, California, USA.

San Jose’s city government is environmentally conscious, having focused on Zero Waste and neighborhood tree planting projects for several years. Also, the new city hall is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certified building, which is the highest level of green building certification. The city service department advocates public communication by providing outreach display tables in the city hall’s outdoor plaza, and provides meeting rooms with low rental fees for local community groups.

Upon learning of the city’s friendly event service and outreach tables, our local Association members set up a display table to distribute flyers about our upcoming screening of The Real Love musical, and showcased Supreme Master Ching Hai’s uplifting poetry collections, art books and spiritual books. Our Association members also advertised the event in the community newspaper, in the Aulacese news media and online.

On the day of the event, two large posters informing of the screening were placed in the heart of downtown San Jose. Upon entering the venue, attendees were attracted to our display table with Master’s elevating publications and exquisite artistic creations, including a framed fan design, a Longevity Lamp, poetry anthologies, Celestial Art books, The Real Love DVDs and copies of The Supreme Master Ching Hai News Magazine, as well as local area vegan resource guides. Several guests thanked us for the detailed introduction to Master’s art and were astonished by Her many talents.

After the screening, one guest left the venue and exclaimed, “It’s amazing. It’s a wonderful program. Bravo, bravo!” Also, while reading a vegan magazine, another guest told the event organizer, “This is supposed to be the way of living. I’ve been vegetarian for several months, but I should convert to vegan.” Although most of our Association members had attended the original production in Golden Year 8 (2011) and enjoyed its rebroadcast on Supreme Master Television, they still felt moved to tears during the screening. A guest told us at the end of the show that he would be back for our next screening. Several elderly guests seemed very familiar with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s spiritual teachings from Her radio program, and were touched to learn about Her real life through the musical. Everyone watched the program attentively. The guests also greatly enjoyed the delicious vegan refreshments prepared by our kitchen team, and were happy to receive souvenir books which were available in various languages.

Our deep gratitude to Master for Her invisible meticulous arrangement so that we could present this wonderful musical production in a beautiful venue. May all who view The Real Love be blessed on their spiritual paths as our world grows in peace and harmony.