Love In Action

Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

2018年05月27日, 週日

    Assisting Schools in Need in Myanmar (Burma)

     By Yunnan Province Relief Team, China (Originally in Chinese)

    Jingkang Central Elementary School, Mengsuo School and Jingyang Guogan Lincoln Elementary School in Special Region 4 in Myanmar (Burma) serve many students who are orphans or who come from single-parent families. The students primarily study the Chinese language, but are in need of computers, video projectors, textbooks, reading materials and other resources for academic studies and physical education. Thus, the schools recently asked for international assistance.

    On May 20, 2015, following Master’s loving instruction, a team of our Association members from Yunnan Province went to several stores to purchase supplies requested by the schools. Hearing of our efforts to help the schools, the store owners offered discounts and some even wrapped notebooks to give to the students. The owner of a video projector store also contributed RMB 200 to the schools. Our relief team picked up the supplies and loaded a vehicle on May 24. Then, along with another vehicle loaded with computers, projectors, cameras and other equipment, we drove to Jingkang Central Elementary School in Nanban, Special Region 4, Myanmar (Burma) near China. We were accompanied by the director of the county education bureau and a representative of the schools’ principals.

    Jingkang Central Elementary School arranged a contribution ceremony for all three schools on May 25. Director Yuan of Special Region 4’s administrative office, two county chiefs, the directors of the education bureau, and two school principals attended the ceremony.

    At the event, we introduced The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association and the benefits of the Quan Yin Method to the students, teachers and guests, and encouraged people to change their diet, treat animals as friends, pray for peace and oppose war. After our talk, the audience applauded warmly and many were moved to tears. We also played several Supreme Master Television programs, providing the first opportunity for the government officials to hear Master’s words. Afterwards the officials happily said they would continue to watch Supreme Master Television, study Master’s teachings, and play Supreme Master Television programs at their schools to plant the seeds of love in students’ hearts.

    In addition, we introduced the audience to a collection of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lectures on veganism and environmental protection. At the ceremony, the school gave an honorary certificate to our Association.

    Thanks to Master’s blessing, we finished our tasks smoothly.

    Expenditures by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for Assistance to Schools in Special Region 4, Myanmar (Burma)
    Description Amount (RMB)  Receipt
    Stationery 31,028 A
    Materials for physical education 34,597 B
    Instructional equipment 63,711 C
    Shipping expenses 11,462 D
    Total RMB 140,798