Love In Action

Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

2018年04月21日, 週六

    Assisting Refugees and Internally Displaced People at the Myanmar – China Border, Helping a Dog Shelter and Supporting a Friend in Need in Yunnan Province, China

    By Yunnan Province Relief Team, China (Originally in Chinese)

    Assisting Refugees in Myanmar

    After one of the most severe internal military conflicts in Myanmar began in early 2017, China called for a ceasefire and a peaceful resolution from both sides. In April 2017, the Myanmar government security forces and the ethnic forces reached a ceasefire agreement along the Chinese border. Refugees from Myanmar, and  Myanmar’s displaced people continue to take refuge near the China-Myanmar border.

    Following Master’s instructions to help people who are in need at any time, our Yunnan Association members formed a relief team. On April 20, we delivered 11 boxes of medicine totaling CNY 17,837 to refugees in the city of Ruili, the town of Zhangfeng, and Yingjiang County in Yunnan Province near the border of Kachin State in Northern Myanmar.

    On April 23, in the town of Nansan in Yunnan Province near the border of Myanmar, we purchased 10 tons of rice, totaling CNY 46,704. People were prohibited from entering the conflict zone near the border; therefore, we could only purchase the goods on the Chinese border side, and let local volunteers distribute the relief goods to the displaced people in Myanmar, and warm their hearts.

    May all of Myanmar’s refugees and internally displaced people be able to return home soon, in peace with Heaven’s grace.

    Helping 6.28 Dog Shelter

    The 6.28 Dog Shelter was established after a rescue operation conducted by the loving people in Shilin County, Kunming City, Yunnan Province on June 28, 2015, when 650 dogs were saved. Unfortunately, only 165 dogs were well enough to survive. Since then, there are more than 500 dogs at the shelter. The shelter had not been able pay its staff salary for five months and was short of dog food as well. On April 23, 2017, our relief team purchased 1,500 kilograms of rice and 60 kilograms of potatoes, totaling CNY 6,900. We donated the food to the dog shelter to help alleviate the dog food shortage, allowing the person in charge of the dog shelter time to plan the next step. Our heartfelt appreciation to 6.28 Dog Shelter for their loving efforts to assist our dog friends in need.  

    Supporting an Association Member In Need

    One local Association member has been in poor health for many years. We have been trying our best to provide financial assistance every year around the Spring Festival. This time, we gave CNY 3,000 to this member, and the family thanked Master for the blessing and care. Our gratitude to Master for always providing comfort for us.

    Expenditures by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for Helping Refugees and Internally Displaced People at the Myanmar-China Border, a Dog Shelter, and an Association Member in Yunnan Province, China

    Description Amount (CNY) Receipts
    Food (rice and potatoes) 52,794 A-D
    Medicine 17,837
    Financial aid 3,000
    Shipping expenses 335
    Total CNY 73,966

    The relief team paid for their own transportation, food and boarding expenses, which totaled CNY 2,500.







    Assisting Refugees and internally displaced people at the Myanmar-China Border


    Helping 6.28 Dog Shelter