Love In Action

Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

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    An Arkansas Christmas from Supreme Master Ching Hai

    By Arkansas News Group (Originally in English)

    December 2012

    Upon receiving instructions from Supreme Master Ching Hai to help the less fortunate in winter, along with a generous contribution of US$10,000, a team of our Association members from the Arkansas Center set out to purchase needed items for the homeless.

    After conducting online and phone research, the Center chose four facilities that work directly with the homeless in northwestern Arkansas. Souls Harbor, a transitional living facility which also provides the residents counseling and help in finding jobs and re-entering society was the first place to which we delivered Master’s gifts.

    The recipients were deeply appreciative upon receiving much-needed winter coats, sleeping bags, long underwear, hats, gloves and socks.

    Some homeless friends come to the shelter and find that it is full, while others wish to sleep in the woods and require warm clothes and sleeping bags. Now, thanks to our beloved Master, people needing these items to stay warm will be provided with them.

    We next traveled to LifeSource International, another facility that works with all ages, both men and women. We delivered warm coats, hats, gloves, socks, sleeping bags, and warming packets for their hands and feet.  Each day during the winter, LifeSource provides one hot meal for the homeless. Other services of the organization include adult education, family and individual counseling, medical referrals as well as children and senior citizen programs.

    We were deeply impressed with the facility and their work, and presented Mr. Ernie Conduff, the founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of LifeSource, with a US$1000 check from the funds which Supreme Master Ching Hai had so generously given. Mr. Conduff was sincerely appreciative and whole-heartedly thanked Master for all She had done to support their efforts.

    The third place our Association members visited was Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter, which provides a protected and nurturing environment for up to 48 children ranging in age from infants to teenagers, who have been neglected, abused or abandoned. The facility requested specific items for the residents, including toys, art supplies, make-up for the teenage girls, and anti-diarrheal products for the infants, which we were fortunately able to supply.

    The final place visited was the Salvation Army Emergency Center for the homeless, which assists residents in becoming self-sufficient. Thanks to our loving Master’s compassion and generosity, we were able to fill their storage room with needed winter items to near capacity!

    Through the grace of Supreme Master Ching Hai, Arkansas Association members are deeply grateful to have been of service to those in need.

    Expenditures by Supreme Master Ching Hai and Her International Association
    for Cold-Weather Relief Work in Northwest Arkansas, USA  December 2012

    Description Amount(USD) Receipt
    Blankets, material for clothing, knitted garments, shawls, plastic bags, sleeping bags, gloves, socks, hats, winter underwear 9,139.11 A
    Cashier's check  to LifeSource International funded by Supreme Master Ching Hai’s contribution 1,000.00 B
    Total US$10,139.11

    Throughout the relief operation, the team members paid for their own transportation and food.