Love In Action

Master is always deeply concerned when disasters occur in any part of the world. Upon hearing news of such events, She immediately provides financial assistance and sends relief teams. Through such efforts, Her unconditional love and support are conveyed to those affected, thus reducing their suffering while helping them to rebuild their lives.

In recognition of the selfless actions of governments, organizations and relief workers around the globe, Master expresses Her gratitude as follows: "Thank you, all the international help that brings care and necessities to afflicted victims. Thank you all the relief workers for taking time and forsaking your own comfort, even traveling great distance on unfavorable roads and conditions to bring love and assistance to people in a time of need. May Heaven bless you abundantly for your generosity and noble sacrifice."

2018年04月20日, 週五

    Supporting our Canine Friends in Yunnan Province, China

    By Yunnan Relief Team, China (Originally in Chinese)

    In September 2016, our Association members from Yunnan Province, China, following Supreme Master Ching Hai’s instruction to care for those in need, shared God’s love and blessing with our local animal friends. Upon discovering that the emergency fund from two shelters rescuing dogs destined for slaughter was stolen, our Association members delivered supplies for more than 200 dogs residing in both shelters. About 2,000 kilograms of rice and 250 liters of vegetable oil were brought to the first shelter, and 2,000 kilograms of rice and 50 liters of vegetable oil were given to the second.

    We also delivered 1,000 kilograms of rice and 150 liters of vegetable oil to CheJiaBi Stray Dog Shelter, 750 kilograms of rice and 150 liters of vegetable oil to Foster Mother Stray Dogs Home, 750 kilograms of rice and 100 liters of vegetable oil to Auntie Kang’s Stray Dog Shelter, and 4,000 kilograms of corn and 4,000 kilograms of forage feed to Liangwang Life Protection Park.

    All the shelter managers expressed their sincere gratitude for our love for the animals. Some of them started a vegetarian diet, and some have become vegan. All of us have been lifted up in God’s Grace.

    Expenditures by The Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association for Helping Stray Dogs in Yunnan Province, China

    Description Amount (CNY) Receipt
    Rice 25,200 A
    Vegetable oil 4,200 A
    Corn and forage feed 20,000 B
    Transportation 300 C
    Total CNY 49,700